Welcome to *STARFLEET*

STARFLEET IN BOLD is a meta organization designed to mobilize a generation towards the future Roddenberry designed


The Supreme Allied Federation Invasion Began 13 Feburary 2016!

As evidenced on LinkedIn

Hyper Warp

So Space, Time and Thought are not the seperate concepts WE *think* THEY ARE?!

STARFLEET IN BOLD began with Jason Lind changing his nick from Odyss3us to Crusher, as in Wesley, in 2011 after achieving a simultanious breakthrough in physics and economics at the meta level in information theory. The paper, Economic Circuitry, is the true math of the Traveler and as such only a very few can even begin to comprehend it. Yet those of us who have have dedicated our lives to shaping the future for the better: and what better future than what Gene Wesley Roddenberry had in mind?


The men (no women yet :() who have sworn to uphold the manifesto and become *STARFLEET* officers.